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Payment Guide

This question is related to the  Degree Campus of Islamic Online University

When your Admission gets confirmed by the Registrar's Office, you can proceed to pay fees in order to start your studies at IOU. Applicable Semester registration fees varies according to your country of residence and selected program. .This Article will cover Applicable fees, Payment policy and Payment Methods Available for the students at IOU.

Note: Payments should not be made until all registration procedures are complete and instructions to pay are given by the Registrar Office. 

You may verify the status of your admission  here, in the below image. If the “Pay Fee” image box is highlighted, you may proceed to pay the fees.

Fees Portal:

Student's may Access the 'Fees Portal' by logging into Campus section --> My Home --> Student Applications --> Fees portal

This will guide students about the Payment Method, How to upload payment receipt and Student's Payment History.

Applicable Semester Registration fees:

1) Undergraduate Program: Fee ranges from 70 to 160 USD per semester based on the student's country of residence. You may check applicable fees based on your country of residence here.

2) Bridge to MAIS (Higher Diploma Program)Fee ranges from 130 to 310 USD per semester based on the student's country of residence. You may check applicable fees based on your country of residence here.

3) MAIS program: Fee ranges from 190- 425 USD per semester based on the student's country of residence. You may check applicable fees based on your country of residence here. 

4) Intensive Arabic Program: Fee ranges from 60-150 USD per semester based on student's country of residence. You may check applicable fees based on your country of residence here.

Note: Part Time Study Plan Students (taking less than 6 courses in a semester) are required to pay full semester registration fees irrespective of the number of courses they take in a particular semester. 

Accelerated Study Plan Students (taking 7-9 courses in a semester) are required to pay one and half semester registration fees, i.e., they are required to pay 50% additional fees to enroll for 7-9 courses.

Return Policy

1. Fees paid to Islamic Online University for the Semester Registration is neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances. This is due to the modest fee charged.

2. Students who pay for Accelerated Study Plan are responsible for their decision to choose it. The fees paid will be considered as the fees paid for one semester as per the plan of their choice and the entire amount will be applicable even if they later enroll in 7 or less courses.

3. If the student hasn't enrolled in even one course after making the payment, then the fees of one semester can be transferred to the next semester. 

4. If a student has paid Semester Registration fees in advance and has to pay for other services like Credits Transfer or Late Drop Charges then this advance payment may be used to cover those charges if required. 

5. One student's fees will not be transferred to another student under any circumstances.

Mode of Payment


Alhamdulillah, we have implemented very easy and swift payment system through 'Stripe' allowing you to pay your IOU fees from every corner of the globe and enroll into your desired courses right away. 

Thus, the payment process has become very easy, simple and swift. You can pay your semester registration fees through this new system and instantaneously receive payment confirmation, bi’idhnillah using your credit/debit card. 
No need to create an account in 'Stripe'.
Kindly go to this link to make the payment using credit/debit card: 

Primary Bank Account:

Alhamdulillah, we have our primary bank account in Malaysia now which accepts fees in US dollars. Apart from the wire transfer, net banking is also possible for those who have the option of international outward remittance facility available through their account.

The account in Malaysia does not have IBAN number. It is preferable for the students in the Middle East to pay via other options.

NOTE It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the ENTIRE registration fee is received by IOU and any transfer fees MUST BE paid by the student. To avoid delays in enrollment due to the deduction of transfer fees, it is advisable that the student add US$ 25.00 to the registration fees. This will ensure that the full payment is received by IOU. ANY EXTRA MONEY above the transfer fee will be credited to the student's account, in sha Allah.

Therefore, if you would like to opt for the direct bank transfer to our primary account in Malaysia, please write to the Help Desk here for the account details, and our officers will assist you through the process in shaa Allaah.

Other Payment Modes

Local Bank Accounts:

Local accounts have been arranged for some countries and students may pay the fees directly there. Please click on the name of your country (if displayed below) to obtain instructions on how to pay to a local account. If the name of your country is not listed below, it means that the local account is not yet available for your country, and you need to make the payment to our account in Malaysia:

Payment Confirmation Process:

Once payment is made, please upload the payment proof (scan or screenshot of the payment receipt)  here 

Thereafter, we will process the fees which may take 3-5 days in case of Local Bank Account Payments while 12-15 days for payments made to IOU's Primary Bank Account in Malaysia. An email would be sent to you once your payment is logged in your account after which you may proceed to enroll for the courses. 

You may check the payment history of your account  here This page will show the semester registration fees done so far, any balance available in Student's account, any outstanding payment or outstanding course drop charges that a student is required to pay.

Here is a guide for visual learners:

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