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This question is related to the  Degree Campus of Islamic Online University

Assignment writing Guidelines:

Firstly, download and read the IOU plagiarism policy  here. The following points will help you to avoid mistakes commonly made by the students:

  1. Make sure to put the references; if it is a verse from the Quran or Bible, the chapter and verse number must be quoted; if it is from a Hadeeth book which is available in English then the name of the book and the Hadeeth number must be listed. References from books must be referenced with page numbers. References from websites must be linked to exact page.  
  2. Listing resources and references are two different things, both of which must be done. Resources should be listed at the end of the assignment while references should be linked to exact points via footnotes or brackets.  
  3. Avoid quoting Verses or Hadeeth out of context. Before using a verse or Hadeeth in an assignment, research it's Tafseer and make sure it is quoted according to its proper explanation. For Hadeeth(s), its authenticity must also be checked.  
  4. Sharing assignments is forbidden and can lead to a zero marks. Each student must work individually on assignment in order to develop their own research skills.  
  5. Understand the topic properly and study relevant modules before starting the assignment. In case of doubt, feel free to email the course faculty of the courses.  
  6. Stick to the deadlines and prepare in advance. Do not wait till the last day. All times are based on UTC time.  
  7. Assignments must be uploaded in the Assignment section of the courses, not emailed.  
  8. Review the assignment multiple times. Check the content, presentation, types and grammar/spelling mistakes, before submitting your work.

What is the due date for the assignments?

The due date for submitting the assignment is mentioned in the assignment submission page every semester. Please go to respective Course Page and Click on 'Assignment' to check the deadline. Also, you can check the deadline in the 'Event Schedule' Available on Dashboard page.

I missed the late assignment submission deadline, can I submit the assignment now?

Students cannot submit their assignments if late assignment submission deadline is expired as well. 

My assignment is not graded yet. What can I do?

Due to a  large number  of students, assignment grading may take some time. However, all the assignments will be graded before the announcement of the final results, in  shaa  Allah.

I work as a volunteer for IOU, due to increase in workload - I was not able to complete my assignments. Could you please consider my request to submit the assignments in late assignment period without deduction?

Of course. Please apply for the exemption on the “Exemption Request” portal located on “My Home” page, and mention ‘Volunteer’ in the “Comment” box.

Which service is the Islamic Online University using to detect plagiarism?
Islamic Online University is using VeriCite for plagiarism detection. 
I have submitted my assignment, how can I see the plagiarism service scan result?
Go to your course.
Click on the assignment.

The result is displayed below your assignment.
Assignment Result
By clicking the "Similarity" button, you can see the full report.


I have uploaded my assignment but the plagiarism service scan report is not satisfactory, can I re-upload my assignment after improving it?

No, you cannot reupload the assignment. Students are advised to use third party free plagiarism websites to ensure that they are on track. Some of the websites that we can recommend for checking plagiarism are:

1. Grammarly - https://www.grammarly.com/plagiarism-checker

2. EduBirdie - https://edubirdie.com/plagiarism-checker

3. PaperRater -  https://www.paperrater.com/plagiarism_checker

4. Copyleaks - https://copyleaks.com/

Note that all free plagiarism checkers have limitations, and usually require a purchase for detailed feedback, but the free versions of these should be good enough to let students know if they are on the right track.

I cannot find the option to check the plagiarism service scan result and report in my Arabic assignment, why is this so?
The plagiarism service scan result and reports are not available for the Arabic courses. Students have only one attempt to submit their Arabic assignments and no option to check the plagiarism service scan results and report.

Where can I find a detailed explanation of the plagiarism service scan reports?

Please click  here to read the detailed documentation on the plagiarism service reports.

How will my quoting and referencing affect the plagiarism detection?
The plagiarism detection service automatically excludes properly quoted and referenced material. Apart from this, as per the IOU's assignment grading policy, the tutorial assistants will be reading each and every submitted assignment even if the assignment is marked high on similarity index. If they notice that it is properly quoted, but the system is making a mistake in identifying that, they will exclude that part manually and the assignment will be re-scanned for similarity.

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