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This question is related to the  Campus Section of Islamic Online University

Here are some of the commonly asked questions related to Module Tests.

1. What is the time frame given for completing the module tests?

All pre-midterm module tests must be completed before attempting the midterm exam of the course and all post-midterm module tests must be completed before attempting the final exam. Please see the semester events' schedule of the semester on  MY HOME page for the exact dates. It is highly recommended that you keep your pace and complete the module tests on weekly basis.

2. While taking the module tests, I found in the same question answer options "all are correct" and "none of the answers are correct". Could you please explain what does it mean?

There are 5 options for each question in the module tests. If you find in the same question 'all answers are correct' and 'none of the answers are correct', it is referring to the remaining 3 options. For example, choosing 'all answers are correct' will exclude the 'none of the answers are correct' and vice versa. This is a standard in IOU testing across all courses.

3. How many attempts do I have for the module tests?

You will have only one attempt, so do take them seriously and attempt them only after studying the modules properly.

4. My reset application was rejected but I really have not attempted the test. However, just wanted to see how it works?

Students are allowed just  one attempt to write the module test and you must not use these tests for sample examination. To check the test format, type of questions, time duration etc. in order to get yourself accustomed with the module test set up; kindly  use Demo course 1 module tests for the purpose. Any student who runs the risk of checking the module test in any course apart from demo course 1 must note that their application of reset will not be accepted at the Quiz Reset Application Portal and will be rejected straight away.

5. What should I do if I receive a zero on the module test due to power or internet failure?

IOU has set up a special Test Reset Desk and made a simple application portal for you to submit your reset requests. 

To request a reset, please go to the Academics block available on the main IOU learning campus; click on the Quiz Reset portal icon and fill in and submit the application. The test will be reset within 12 hours from the time of submission of the request (and in most cases much sooner) if your application meets the requirements. 

PLEASE NOTE: IOU is under no obligation to reset a test and not all issues allow for a reset. 

6. What are the criteria for having my module test reset?

 Module test reset can be applied for the following reasons only

  1. Internet Connection Failure
  2. Power failure
  3. Server Error
  4. Technical issue as hanging up of personal computer.
Please do not apply for reset apart from the above mentioned reasons. In case the question is unclear or you have any objections, kindly email respective course faculty for the purpose. The contact details of the course faculty can be found on the right side of each course page.

7. Are the students allowed to share the module test questions/answers through emails, forums, Facebook, notes, etc.?

IOU policy is that students should not share module test questions/answers amongst themselves. Violation of this policy is actually "cheating" and the university will take strong action against those students found doing this in any way or form. Kindly also read the following for more details on this issue:  Sharing Module Tests. Students should contact the respective course faculty if they need help with regards to module tests.

8. I am almost certain that there is an error in the module test and I am able to provide evidence to support it. Can I email my course faculty in this regard?

Use MCQ Error Reporting portal if you are certain that there is a mistake in the MCQ and that the MCQ needs revision.

9. I made a mistake in my module test. Can I ask my course faculty for the right answer?

No. Course faculty is not permitted to reveal the correct answers to the module tests. Please do not ask or email your course faculty with requests for correct answers. Any email or question in this regard will not be entertained under any circumstances. Student who has made a mistake in his/her module test should go over the text or video recording to find the correct responses. Correction done on one's own is more beneficial and lasting, in shaa Allah.

10. Can I contact my course faculty with clarification requests, if I did not understand a module test question or cannot find the right answer?

Yes. However, please note that course faculty can only clarify the question or point you in the right direction regarding the answer. It is prohibited for the course faculty to reveal the correct answers to the student. So please do not request it.

11. How many reset requests can be sent per semester?

A student can request a quiz reset 3 times per course apart from the midterm and final exam reset. 

12. What if I have to request a quiz reset for the fourth time?

Please email helpdesk@iou.edu.gm regarding this. Your country representative or any admin official will get in touch with you to testify the situation. The concerned person will also assist the student in avoiding circumstances that lead to quiz reset repetitively. On the recommendation of the representative, the quiz will be reset in the next 24 hours. 

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