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This question is related to the  Degree Campus of Islamic Online University

Here are some of the commonly asked questions related to Program Semesters.
1. When does the new semester begin?
Islamic Online University offers two terms each year,
  • Spring Semester - March to July
  • Fall Semester - September to January
The exact dates are announced on the site news before the semester begins.
2. How many courses  a student can  take in a semester?
The minimum number of courses one can take, in a semester, is one and the maximum is nine. Please note, however, that one would not be able to complete the program within 12 years if he/she is taking only one course at a time. So while one may go down to one course in some semesters one would need to reach an average of at least 2 courses per semester to finish in the maximum time allowed (12 years).  Also,  note that taking nine courses in a semester may be very difficult, so one has to take due consideration of their daily schedule.
3.  I am a new student and I want to take more than 6 courses in my first semester, is it possible?

Yes. Please pay the fee as per accelerated program fee and enroll in 9 courses from the curriculum. 

4. Can I do TAJ 101 and 102 or SER 101 and 102 in the same semester?
No,  unfortunately,  you cannot take TAJ 101 and 102 in the same semester as completing 101 is a prerequisite to enter 102. The same applies to SER 101 and 102 and HST 101 and 102
5. Can I pay the fees for two or more semesters together?
Yes, you can, and it is  recommended  if you can afford it so as to avoid the transfer fees that are incurred each time you send money
6. Can I register now and get enrolled in the next semester?
7. I registered for this semester and paid the fee but didn't take any courses. Do I need to register for BAIS again?

No. Please send us a request on Transfer fee portal placed under Student Application block on the main IOU campus page. 

8. I am taking less than six courses in a semester; will I have to pay the same (full) fees?
Yes, the fees at IOU are semester-based, not based on the number of courses you are registered for. Whether a student enrolls in one course or six, the fees will be the same.
9. I dropped the present semester completely due to some personal reasons by informing the IOU administration and would like to continue my studies later, Insha Allah. What is the procedure to restart my studies from the coming semester?
You just need to pay the fees for the coming semester and enroll for the courses via Enrollment portal.
10. Can I pause my studies between each semester?
Yes, you can. However, we recommend that instead of dropping an entire semester and losing the momentum of your studies, decrease the number of courses that you are taking.
11. What happens if I fail one or more courses?
You will have to complete it in the following semesters
12. What is the pass mark for a course?
The minimum requirement for a student to successfully complete any course is 60% marks which  includes  the final exam score. If a student scores 60% in a course without attempting the final exam then he/she will be given a fail grade because no course will be considered as completed without the final exam at an IOU approved center where the student's ID can be checked to confirm the student's identity.
13. I will be going on Hajj this year, and Hajj will be in the middle of the semester, should I drop the whole semester?
Dropping a complete semester because you are going on Hajj is not advisable. We recommend that you take less than 6 courses because of Hajj. How your Hajj will affect your studies will depend largely on how many days your package deal is and how much extra time you can put in for your studies before and after the Hajj. In light of this, you may decide to take all the courses offered or drop some courses and take as many as you feel and can manage easily. If this is your first Hajj, we would suggest you enroll in fewer courses that semester.
14. I live in an Arab country which does not require a visa on my passport when making Hajj. What document should I send instead?
Please upload the Hajj document issued to you, permitting you to perform the Hajj; on Exemption Request Application Portal placed in Students’ Admin Block of 'My  Home' page .
15. Can a student take more than one Arabic course in a semester?

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