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General Questions

Here are some general questions asked about the program.

1. What is my student ID? How can I find my student ID?

The student ID is displayed beside your name on the top right corner of the Campus learning area (after you successfully log in).
2. Where is the students' admin block?
It is on the top center of “My Home”  page at the Campus learning area
3. Why am I getting emails of the forum posts?
IOU helps to keep you updated with the activities taking place in the forums. If you don't prefer it then you can unsubscribe from the forums.
4. How and to whom should I report the errors?
If you face any error in the module tests or in the course study material(s), report it to the Tutorial Assistant (TA) of that course. Please wait for 2 days for the TA to respond.  In case of technical issues or any other query please write to help desk  here.
5. Am I allowed to share my username and password?
No, you are not allowed to do so and the university will take strong action against the person found doing it. Your access to the learning area is an Amaanah (trust) with you. You should not give the login details to anyone else for any reason.
6. My operating system crashed suddenly, I have lost all my data (notes, textbooks, etc.) and I had no backup. Could you please help me on priority basis?

This Service is currently unavailable

We are sorry to hear about your lost data. Alhamdulillah, IOU has a service that is just for such unfortunate situation. In order to obtain back your lost material and never lose them again, you can opt for IOU CAMBUS service by paying very modest subscription fees. IOU CAMBUS is a reliable cost-effective cloud backup solution for IOU students and alumni. It ensures that students never lose their course material and can refer back to it whenever and wherever needed. It also gives 24/7 on the go mobile friendly backup of the following material:
Books and syllabuses
 Audio files
Video files
Live session recordings
Students study notes
Please visit  here for further details. 
7. I am a revert and would like to use my Islamic name. Can I change the name I registered with?
We can make this change if you have legally changed your name, Insha Allah. Email the scanned copy of the official legal name change documents to Helpdesk  here
8. What are the documents to be posted via airmail to the IOU Admissions Office, in order to complete my admission process for the accredited undergraduate or graduate program?
Required documents to be sent via air mail are the following two:
1. Attested photocopy of your High School Diploma or higher degree – as applicable, depending on whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.
Note: Your high school diploma or higher degree must be notarized by an authorized local notary public and it must be clearly shown on the scanned copy sent to IOU.
Students are given time (until the completion of the degree) to submit the attested documents via airmail to the IOU Admissions Office. However, the attested (notarized) documents must be submitted in order to receive your accredited degree / diploma / certificate.
Also please carefully note that the notarized copy of your document that you will post to our Admissions Office must itself bear the notary stamps and signatures. Photocopy of your notarized document is not acceptable to be sent to us by post.
2. Photocopy of photo ID (e.g. passport). If you do not have a passport, you may submit any other official ID that has your photo on it (e.g., national Identity card, driving license, etc.)
Note: Please mention your IOU student ID on the back of your documents such as certificates or photo ID for easier tracking and recognition.
9. What are the documents to be sent to the IOU Head Office if I wish to register under the Advanced Diploma or Audit Courses stream?
There are no documents required to register for IOU Adv Dip or Audit Courses streams. You only need to upload a recent color passport size photograph.
10. What is the deadline for sending the documents?
Attested documents can be submitted any time before the completion of your degree. However, we recommend that you send them before entering the final semester of your studies
11. Where should I air mail my documents?
 Please send your documents on the following address, once your admission has been confirmed on the conditional basis:
Islamic Online University

21 Kanifing Mosque Road,

P.O. Box 2340,

Kanifing South, KMC,

The Gambia.

Tel: +220-4379687 / +220-9666612

12. What if I forget my password? Can it be reset?
 We advise students to keep the username and password save. But in case you forget the password please try this  link before writing to the  helpdesk and  asking to reset your password.
13. I have some complaints/concerns regarding my tajweed TA, can I email/post them on the forum of the tajweed course?
It is strictly prohibited to post complaints/concerns about the TA on the forum. Such complaints will not be entertained.
Please submit your complaints or concerns on a weekly basis as soon as possible via the “ Tajweed Complaint Report” portal. 
The reported complaints/issues will be investigated by the tajweed coordinator, the tajweed head of the department and/or the chief academic coordinator as required until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction. 
14. Where can I find the link for the academic calendar?
Please use this direct link to access the  Academic Calendar .
In addition, please note that all the important deadlines for the entire semester are recorded in the semester events' schedule which could be found in the ‘Academics Block’ of "My Home" page.

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