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1. Is attendance at live sessions compulsory?

As you may be aware that the University has launched a revised model of tutorial support for most of the old courses, hence only new courses which have been freshly launched will have live sessions till it is phased out gradually. You may learn more details about it  here.
For new courses of different undergraduate programs, there will be one weekly session per course on Friday / Saturday / Sunday. If you miss any of the sessions, you can later watch the recording. If you watch the recording at your convenient time, you will be entitled to receive the attendance marks as applicable, insha'Allah. 
For courses of MAIS program, weekly live sessions are conducted at two different times (morning and evening). You can attend either of them or watch the recording if for some reason you miss both of the sessions. 

2. How do I join the live sessions?
Please download the Live Sessions' Information Guide  here. This guide contains all the important information which the student needs to know and follow, regarding the live sessions.

3. How would I know when a live session is going to be held?
The live session schedule is available  here 

4. I am unable to enter the live session class. It says the following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash. What to do now?
This is a flash error. Please close your browser and then open it again. If that doesn't works then try using another browser.

5. Is it necessary to attend both the evening and morning class?
No. Attending only one of the classes for each week would be sufficient. You can attend both classes if you want to.

6. Due to late enrollment I have missed some live sessions. How will this affect the grade?
You can view the previous recordings on the missed sessions. You will be provided the grades if you do this. But you would need to attend all the live sessions of Tajweed courses, as the live session participation grades are 50% for Tajweed courses 

7. I was looking at my grade sheets for the classes I'm doing that I do not have any class participation scores even though I attended several live sessions.

They are posted at the end of the semester.

8. If I click on download recording instead of view recording will I be awarded class participation marks?
 Yes you will be awarded marks for both, only if you watch recording in both cases. 

9. I am unable to watch recorded live sessions. Its giving me this error "You are not authorized to view recording".
This issue occurs if a student is trying to play the recording using the link copied from inside the class recording webpage or is refreshing the recording window. It’s a security feature so to watch the recording students should just click the “View Recording” button in class recording webpage. 
In case if you are still facing this program then please try clearing your browser cookies, history etc or try using another web browser.

10. I missed attending a live session but watched its recording. I do not find my name in the attendance report of that session; will I get the live session marks? 
The attendance report shows the names of only those students who have attended the live session and not those who access the recordings later. However if you access the recordings of the missed live sessions you will be awarded class participation marks at the end of the semester, In sha Allaah.

11. Do I need to watch the recorded supplementary sessions to get attendance marks?

There is no attendance marks for watching the recorded supplementary sessions.

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