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1. How can I know which part to study in every course?
The Course Details file of each course will provide this information.

2. Are the required text sufficient for successful course completion?
Yes, they are sufficient.

3. Are the supplementary texts also needed for successful course completion?
The supplementary texts are only for additional references. In some cases they might be required for successful course completion as well.

4. Does IOU provide the soft copies of the supplementary texts that are mentioned in the course details?
Some supplementary texts will be provided while others may not. If students want them, they can buy them from online or local bookstores. Additionally, IOU provides students with a library of e-books (soft copies) to aid them with studies and research. You can find the "Library" link in the Students' Admin Block at the learning area (after you successfully sign in to your course page). In addition to that, Free access to JSTOR and Oxford University Press database is also provided.

5. Will the online study material be available for me in the study break period too?
Yes, but please note: Once you start the new semester, you will be provided the new material and your older material access will not be valid anymore on your course page.

6. Which software(s) would I need to read the e-books?
Course text materials are provided in PDF Format (file name is .pdf). You can download the software from here.

7. I am using an older version of Microsoft office therefore, I am facing problems opening some of the documents provided by the University, please help.
Please download and install Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats here

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