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Assignment Submission

How do I submit my assignment?

This question is related to the programs offered at the  Degree Campus of Islamic Online University

Uploading the Assignment: 

1. Go to the assignment page and click on the “Add Submission” button. 

2. Click on the “Add” button. 

3. Click on “Choose File”, select your assignment file and then press the “Upload this file” button.  

4. Press “Save changes” button. 

5. Now you can see that your file has been uploaded and it’s in the “Draft” mode. 

Now, you can submit your file for plagiarism checking/verification and grading by pressing the “Submit assignment” button. 

Important Note: The file will remain in “draft” mode and will not be considered for grading until you press the “Submit assignment” button. Therefore, pressing the “Submit Assignment” button is mandatory. 

Students have only ONE attempt to upload their assignment.  The university will not entertain any second attempt request. Please make sure you're uploading the correct assignment file.

6. Read the confirmation message and press the “Continue” button. 

7. With the completion of step # 6, your assignment has been submitted for grading. Now you can verify the state of your assignment file from the “Submission status” row highlighted in the image below. You can see the plagiarism similarity percentage on the same page and the detailed report can be seen by pressing the “Similarity” button. Kindly note that the system can take up to 24 hours to generate your plagiarism result, it will not appear immediately upon submission. Hence, please wait for the plagiarism result to appear in 24 hours’ time starting from your submission completed in step # 6 above.

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