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Early Enrollment: FAQs

I am a student of an IOU degree program but I have missed the enrollment date this semester. Can I enroll now using the early enrol lment system for the next semester or is it for new students only?

Yes, you can use the early enrollment system. The system is for all students whether new or old.

For which programs is the early e nrollment s ystem available?
Currently the early enrollment system is available for:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies (BAIS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology ( B. Sc . PSY)
  • Bachelor of Science in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance ( B. Sc . IBE)
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
  • Advanced Diploma (BAIS, B. Sc . PSY, B. Sc . IBE, B.Ed.)
  • Audit Courses (BAIS, B. Sc . PSY, B. Sc . IBE, B.Ed.)
  • Higher Diploma (BMAIS)
  • Intensive Arabic Program (IAP)
  • Youth Dual Credit Program (DC BAIS, DC B. Ed, DC B.Sc. PSY, DC B.Sc. IBE)
  • Certificate in Education (CED)
  • Diploma In Education (DED)
  • Certificate In Psychology ( CPSY)
  • Diploma In Psychology (DPSY)
  • Certificate In Islamic Banking & Economics ( CIBE)
  • Diploma in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (DIBE)
  • Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
  • Certificate in Business Administration (CBA)
  • Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)
  • Masters in Islamic Studies (MAIS) For the first two
I enrolled myself early using the early enrollment system. However, I wish to drop out. Am I entitled to a full refund?
The Islamic Online University charges very modest fees. Hence, once the student enrolls, the fees paid to the Islamic Online University for the semester registration are neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances.
I have taken three courses in the current semester. Can I enroll in more courses using the early enrollment feature right now and gain access to the course material in advance for the next semester?
Yes, you can enroll into three more courses. Basically, the number of courses in which you are enrolled in the current semester will determine how many courses you can enroll in using the early enrollment system for the next semester in advance. If you are enrolled in three courses now, you can take three more; if you are enrolled in two courses, you can take four more and so on. The maximum enrollment limit of six courses at a time will apply.
If I am enrolled in three courses in the current semester and in three more courses for the next semester in advance, will I be able to take three more courses when the next semester starts to have six courses in total for my next semester ?
Yes, you can, inshaAllah .
The semester just ended; can I enroll now during the break using the early enrollment system and gain access to the course material?
Yes, you can, inshaAllah .
Are there any limitations during the early enrollment period?
Yes, there are few limitations. Students cannot:
  • Drop a course
  • Access tests, exams, 
  • Access TA contact information, 
  • Access center system, live sessions, assignments and forums. 
Once the new semester begins, the early enrollment students will be converted to the regular students with full access to the course features mentioned above and course-drop option.

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