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How to Apply for a Module Test/Midterm Exam Reset

How to Apply for a Module Test/Midterm Exam Reset 

These steps are for the students of the  Degree Campus of the Islamic Online University.

The module test/midterm exam reset applications are only approved when students face any of the following issues while attempting a test or an exam:

  • Internet connection failure
  • Power failure
  • Server error
  • Technical issue such as the computer freezes and restart of the browser or the whole device is required.

If you encounter any of the above issues, you are requested to apply for a reset of the particular test/exam here. Your request will be verified and if it falls under one of the aforementioned issues, the test/exam will be reset within 12 hours. Subsequently, you will receive an email notification informing you whether your reset application has been approved or rejected.

3-Reset Limit Policy

A student cannot make use of the “Exam Reset” portal if s/he exceeds three reset requests on the module tests for a particular course. For example, if a student is granted reset three times on the module tests of Aqeedah 101, s/he cannot request another reset on any of the module tests of Aqeedah 101. If the student attempts to do so, s/he will receive the following message:

" A student can submit 3 reset requests per course. Your maximum number of resets has been exhausted. In order to obtain another reset, kindly contact your local representative or send us a message here mentioning the reason for this reset. Rest assured, a request with a valid circumstance will be processed. In sha Allah."

The HelpDesk will forward your reset request to the Students Affairs Department who will discuss the matter with the student and the local representative. In an exceptional case, a fourth reset request may be accepted.

Please note the following as well:


The limit is only for the module tests.

The midterm exam and the final exam do not come under the 3-Reset Limit policy.
A reset request will come under the 3-Reset Limit policy only if the reset was granted. For example, if a student makes three reset requests, but only two were accepted and granted, the student can still make a third request and will not receive the aforementioned message.

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