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Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies Degree program (MAIS)

This question is related to the  Degree Campus of Islamic Online University

Here are some of the commonly asked questions related to the MAIS program.

Is MAIS an accredited program?

Islamic Online University is globally accredited. However, institutions may have a list of colleges and universities that they consider acceptable. So, it is recommended that you check with the institution where you might want to do further studies or seek employment.

For more information about accreditation click on this link.

What is the minimum requirement to join MAIS ?

In order to be admitted to our accredited online Masters degree, the candidate must have

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies from the IOU or any other accredited university, or 
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline other than Islamic Studies from any other accredited university AND a Higher Diploma in Islamic Studies from the IOU or any other accredited university, or 
  • A two-year long accredited Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline AND minimum 2 core Islamic Studies courses* of 100 marks each. These 2 courses are from the array of optional courses, or
  • An accredited Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline other than Islamic Studies AND minimum 36 credit hours of university level core Islamic Studies courses* completed at any other university / institution / Madrasa / Jaamiya

1. Short weekend Islamic Courses are not counted for this purpose

2. 7-days / 10-days / longer duration Intensive Courses may be counted – subject to Registrar’s Office’s discretion

*Core Islamic Studies courses are hereby defined as:

A] Aqeedah (Islamic Theology) 

B] Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) 

C] Tafseer (Qur’anic Exegesis) 

D] Islamiyat (General Islamic Studies covering a range of the above-mentioned Islamic Sciences) 

E] Usool (Principles of Jurisprudence/Exegesis/Prophetic Teachings) 

F] Hadeeth (Prophetic Teachings) 

G] Seerah (Prophet's Biography) 

H] Arabic Nahw and Sarf (Grammar and Morphology)

What does MAIS course structure looks like?

Kindly check the curriculum here

I want to join the MA in Islamic Studies program. Where do I begin? 

The Islamic Online University is an online educational institution. The entire program is taught online via internet. Anyone from any part of the world can join easily and benefit from it, in sha Allaah. The admission is open throughout the year. If a student is admitted and enrollment is closed, s/he will begin studies in the following enrollment phase.

Before you begin the registration process, make sure that you have your personal information and necessary scanned images ready on your PC. The registration form is available  here: Please choose the program ‘MAIS’ and the stream ‘MAIS.’ Kindly find the admission process here.

Once all the required documents are uploaded, you will receive a reply from the registrar regarding your admission confirmation and fee payment details within 3 days, in sha Allaah. If you do not receive any reply, please contact the Info Desk at info@iou.edu.gm.

What is the fees for MAIS program?

Click  here and select your county of residence to see the course fee

These are the only fees we charge per semester. The course is completely tuition free, and the course material is also provided free of cost.

Can I take MA in Islamic Studies with any other undergraduate program?

You can take the MAIS and another undergraduate program together but they will not be counted as a combination of the Dual Program as one is a postgraduate program and the other is an undergraduate program. However, you may enroll into both of them given that you meet the admission criteria for both. Also please note that you do NOT need to open a separate account to register into both the programs.

What are the minimum and maximum periods in which the MA in Islamic Studies may be completed?

MA in Islamic Studies is a 4-semester program that can be completed in a minimum duration of 1.5 years or in a maximum period of 4 years.

What are the minimum and maximum periods in which the MA in Islamic Studies with Concentration in Arabic may be completed?

MA in Islamic Studies with Concentration in Arabic has been discontinued from Fall 2016 semester.

What if one fails to complete the curriculum in the maximum assigned duration?

The maximum duration allowed for completing the MA in Islamic Studies course is 4 years. If a student exceeds the allotted time duration without completing the required number of courses, then he/she will need to repeat their oldest courses on case to case basis. So, in case if one enters in the 5th year of study s/he has to repeat their first and second semester courses again.

What is the level of English required to join IOU MA in Islamic Studies?

The course content is explained very clearly with the help of lectures recorded by the instructors and recorded supplementary sessions conducted by the tutorial assistants. You can contact the teacher if you have any questions about course content. Although, the courses have been made as simple as possible, it is preferable that you first register for a free Certificate course http://islamiconlineuniversity.com/opencampus and try to complete at least one Certificate course. If you are able to understand the lectures and texts of the free Certificate course, then you should be able to study in the MA in Islamic Studies program with no difficulty in sha Allah.

Please note that if you realize later that you are not able to understand the course content and need to withdraw from the program, there will be no refund. Therefore, we request that you pay only after careful consideration.

If my transcripts are not in English, will you still accept them?

In order to make the process easy for the students, IOU has translators available who will translate your documents (for some languages). Please check with us to see if we have a translator for the language your certificate is in. If we do not have translation services available for your language, your non-English high school transcripts and certificate must be fully translated into English and notarized by an authorized local notary public and it must be clearly shown on the scan sent to IOU. Please upload both the original copy and translated version.

The notarized copies of your original document and the translated document that you will post to our Admissions Office must itself bear the notary stamps and signatures. Photocopy of your notarized document is not acceptable to be sent to us by post.

Can I take extra courses that are not part of the curriculum of my program?

Yes, you may take courses from other IOU degree, diploma or certificate programs. This includes courses that are outside the integral part of their program. These extra courses will appear on a student's provisional and graduate transcript with the final course mark and noted as “Additional Courses Completed”.

What will happen to the uncommon courses when I change my stream? Will my grades for such courses be recognized and mentioned in my final transcript?

Yes, these uncommon courses will appear on the student's provisional and graduate transcript with the final course mark and noted as “Additional Courses Completed”. However, they do not count towards the MAIS Degree graduation requirement.

What are the graduation requirements of the MA in Islamic Studies Program?

Please find the graduation requirements of the MA in Islamic Studies Program here in this link.

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