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Study Guide for Tajweed 101 and 102

These steps are for the students of the  Degree Campus of the Islamic Online University.

Welcome to a comprehensive study guide for your tajweed live classes from the group registration process to joining the class.

Tajweed Live Sessions

  • Students are required to register for the suitable group to attend the tajweed live sessions.
  • The exact date for the commencement of the live sessions is announced once the semester begins. Hence, you are requested to regularly check the “News Forum” to confirm the exact dates.
  • There are three live sessions conducted each week for the Tajweed 101 and the Tajweed 102 courses.
  • You are required to attend all classes and recite the prescribed verses.
  • Grades procured by the recitation during the live sessions contribute to a 50% of the total course mark.
  • If due to some reason, you missed or could not recite in any of these live sessions, you may apply for the makeup sessions through the “Tajweed Makeup Session Portal.”
    • Pre-midterm makeup sessions are held one week before the commencement of the study break for the midterm exams. Check the “News Forum” for the exact date.
    • Post-midterm makeup sessions are held one week before the commencement of the study break for the final exams. Check the “News Forum” for the exact date.
Tajweed Applications

Below is a description of the various portals, which have been set up to ease your tajweed course experience. The reported complaints/issues will be investigated by the tajweed coordinator and/or the chief academic coordinator until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

  1. Tajweed Missing Grade Reporting Portal: If you have not been graded for your recitation during the class, you can make use of this portal to report the issue. Please note that the complaint should be registered within Tuesday- Thursday of the following week. Failure to submit the report will result in the grades not being issued. Kindly follow this link for the reporting period schedules and other related information.
  2. Tajweed Complaint Reporting Portal: If you encounter any problem with your TA or the class, you can make use of this portal to report your complaint. Please ensure to include all possible details on the issue in order to resolve the problem appropriately.
  3. Tajweed Make-Up Request Application Portal: If you miss your tajweed sessions due to unforeseen reasons, you may apply for make-up sessions. However, there are certain guidelines that you need to abide by while applying for this session. Kindly follow this link and ensure that you have read the instructions provided before proceeding with the application.
  4. Tajweed TA Absent Reporting Portal: If your Tajweed TA is absent for a session without prior notice, you may report it here.
  5. Tajweed Missing or Wrong Live Session Reporting Portal: If you find the link to your tajweed class broken/missing/inaccurate, you may use this link to report the issue. 

Registering for a Tajweed Group

Note: The Tajweed group registration commences 2-3 weeks after the commencement of the semester.

1. Log in to your student account on IOU Campus here.

2. Under “My Courses,” click on the tajweed course you have enrolled in:

3. Follow this link to select the tajweed group that suits you best. (You can also use this link to check your group placement.)

4. Read carefully the instructions mentioned therein. Choose your gender and click “Proceed.”

  1. A range of groups with their timings will be displayed. (Please note that the schedules are in UTC timings.) Select “Choose” to register the group of your choice.
  2. You are now registered to your desired group.
Important Note: 

1. Kindly keep in mind that the seats in the groups will be reserved for the students on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, do not delay in selecting your group. 

2. You only have one attempt to select a group and one attempt to make a change if needed. So please be very careful while selecting the group or making a change later. Please ensure to choose an appropriate timing so that you do not have to miss any session. 

3. Live Sessions are worth 50% of the total marks in your Tajweed course evaluation scheme. Kindly join the live sessions regularly so you can pass the course with flying colors, inshaAllah.

Joining the Class

  1. Log in to your student account at the scheduled class time, here

2. Under “My Courses,” click on the tajweed course you have enrolled in.

3. Scroll down to find “Links to Upcoming Live Sessions.” (Note: You can find your registered group’s links by: 1.  Pressing CTRL+F2. Enter your group name in the search box. All the classes of your group will be highlighted.)

4. Click on the link provided. You will be redirected to a page with the option to “Join Class.”

Please note: The class status will always show completed, however you need to click on 'join class' in order to join your class on time.

5. Click on it to enter the class and commence the session.

Important Points to Note
  1. Please ensure that you ‘allow’ mic and speaker access when the WizIQ window prompts you. Please check the WizIQ troubleshooting steps, here.
  2. Kindly follow this link for the Tajweed Frequently Asked Questions.

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