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BAIS Thesis extension and method

The student has to apply for BAIS Thesis extension in this link. If the extension is granted for two months, the extension application fees ranging from USD $48 - $120 according to the country of residence apply. In detail:

Least developed countries $48
Medium developed countries $64
High developed countries $80
Very high developed countries $120

Please note: If the 2-month extension is granted in

i. Spring semester, the submission deadline is September 30.

ii. Fall semester, the submission deadline is March 31.

2. If a student wishes to continue the thesis into a complete additional semester instead of just two additional months, s/he will be required to pay the relevant full semester fee. The student will have the option to adhere to the same topic and supervisor or change the topic if desired. For more details on semester fees, please see the sliding scale fees: http://www.islamiconlineuniversity.com/bais/scale-fee.php.
The decision to grant the extension will depend on the head TA and thesis supervisor who will consider the student’s performance throughout the semester and the reason for the extension application. Upon receiving the approval for extension, student should proceed to pay the fees and then enroll in the thesis course again. It is advised for the student after paying the fees to commence the completion of his/her thesis to ensure meeting the provided extension time.

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