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Grade transfer FAQs

Grade Transfer:

1. What is the procedure to apply for the Grade Transfer?

Students are requested to contact the helpdesk for the Grade Transfer Application.

 2. I have completed the assignment in the previous semester, do I still need to do it when I apply for Grade Transfer in the next semester?

Yes, students are always required to complete assignments, even if they have completed them in the earlier semesters. As per the new policy, we will not be transferring assignment grades anymore. Students are required to do the assignment as per the topic in the next semester, In sha Allah.

    3. Is there any minimum required mark to apply for Grade Transfer?

 Yes there is.

  • If you failed the course, or if you completed everything except assignments, the minimum required grades are 50% or more.
  • If you missed the final exams or midterm exams only, then the minimum required grades are 35% to be eligible for the Grade Transfer.  

     4. I have missed both the midterm and the final exams. Can I apply for a Grade Transfer?

No, if you have missed both the midterm and the final exams, then the Grade Transfer cannot be applied. You need to re-enroll into the course and start it from the beginning.

  5. I have missed only the assignments. But my total grades are less than 50%, can I apply for Grade Transfer?

No, you can’t apply for Grade Transfer. The minimum required mark to apply for Grade Transfer is 50% or more.

     6. Will I get a failing grade if I apply for a Grade Transfer?

If a student wants to apply for a Grade Transfer, he/she must not drop the course in the particular semester. As a result, the student would receive a temporary 'failure' grade for that particular course.

When a passing mark is obtained by the end of the semester, and the grade history is updated, the failing grade will disappear. And it will not affect the final grade.

    7. Do I need to take the failed courses immediately in the next semester to apply for a Grade Transfer?

Yes, it is compulsory to take the failed courses immediately in the next semester.

     8. Is the Grade Transfer process fee USD 20 for each course?

No, the Grade Transfer process fee of USD 20 is a flat fee for any number of courses taken in a particular semester.

    9. I dropped the courses last semester. Can I apply for a Grade Transfer for those dropped courses?

No, the Grade Transfer can’t be applied for the dropped courses. Once you drop a course, the progress of that course is deleted by the system, so the student needs to start it again from the beginning.

    10. I already paid the semester registration fee last semester. Why do I need to pay it again for taking the same courses?

Semester registration fee has to be paid for each semester in order to enroll into the courses.

    11. Can I apply for a Grade Transfer after a year or two for a particular semester?

Yes, it is allowed.

     12. Can I take 12 courses if I apply for Grade Transfer (6 new + 6 old)?

No, the maximum number of courses a student can take in a semester registered in a single stream is 9 only and you must pay regular semester registration fees + a 50% additional fee.

If a student fails in 50% of the previously enrolled courses, whether due to low marks or due to not attempting exams/assignments, they cannot take more than 6 courses in the next semester.

   13. How long does it take for you to complete the transfer?

The Grade Transfer process is completed in a maximum of 6-8 weeks after the beginning of the semester.

   14. I applied for the transfer of Midterm/Final Exam grades. I have received an email that a Grade Transfer has been processed. However, I can't see the midterms/final exam grades on the grade sheet.

The midterm/final exams scores will be visible when the respective exam period starts and when the link is available to other students.

You can check the grades section for each course in the respective course page itself. Please check the following GIF to know more: http://g.recordit.co/Qmxfk6676O.gif

Example: If a student applies for Grade Transfer for midterm exams from last semester, then the marks would be visible when the normal period of the midterm exams start in the current semester. Further, when the midterm exam link is available for other students.

    15. I completed the final exams in the last semester  and applied for a Grade Transfer in the current semester for attempting midterms this semester. When will I able to see the grade history updated?

The final exam grades from last semester will be visible when the final exam period begins in the current semester.

Once the final exams are complete, the Grade History  will be updated with all the marks reflected there.

    16.  Can I take 7-9 courses if I received a FAILING grade in all 6 courses last semester, as I did not attempt the final exam?

If a student has failed in all 6 courses in the previous semester, he/she cannot take new courses in the consecutive semester, until and unless he/she clears them.

   17. Can I apply for the transfer of grades if I want to improve my grades? Would it still be counted as a second attempt?

No, a student can’t apply for Grade Transfer to improve his/her grades.

    18. I failed 2 courses last semester due to low grades. Can I apply for the transfer of grades and repeat only the midterms/final exams?

Yes, the student has a choice of what to repeat and what to transfer for a course,  in the consecutive semester. If he/she wants to do only midterm or only final exams, then he/she can apply for a Grade Transfer for the module tests and can re-do only the midterm or final exam for a particular course. Of course, the students are required to complete the assignments as those grades are not transferred.

    19. I applied for a Grade Transfer for all exams and module tests. I still need to do the assignments only. Do I submit last semester’s topic or this semester’s topic?

The Grade Transfer student has to do the current semester topic for assignment submission.

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